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Faculty of Arts & Humanities (FAH)

Prof. Damian Sutton, Faculty Ethics Lead
Dr Karen Bull, School of Art & Design Ethics Lead
Dr Holly Vass, School of Humanities Ethics Lead
Dr Tracy Cruickshank, School of Media & Performing Arts Ethics Lead



Faculty of Business and Law (FBL)

Dr Ayse Demir, School of Economics Finance & Accounting Ethics Lead
Maureen O’Hara, School of Law Ethics Lead
Dr Simon Cooper, Beniot Senaux and Geoff Alcock, School of Marketing & Management Ethics Leads
Dr Aisha Abuelmaatti and Amritpal Slaich, School of Strategy & Leadership Ethics Leads



Faculty of Engineering, Environment and Computing (EEC)

Dr Owen Richards & Prof Don Harris, Faculty Ethics Leads
Peter Every and Dr Farzana Aslam, School of Computing, Electronics and Maths Ethics Leads
Dr Jason Jordan, School of Energy, Construction & Environment Ethics Lead
Dr Erdal Turkbeyler, School of Mechanical Aerospace & Automotive Engineering Ethics Lead



Faculty of Health and Life Sciences (HLS)

Dr Magdalena Marczak, Faculty Ethics LeadDr Laura Roden, School of Life Sciences Ethics Lead



Research Institutes

Clean Growth & Future Mobility

Dr James Shippen, Ethics Lead
Dr Christophe Bastien, Deputy Ethics Lead

Mathematical, Physical & Computational Sciences

Dr Farzana Aslam, Centre for Data Science Ethics Lead
Prof Eun-jin Kim, Centre for Fluid & Complex Systems Ethics Lead

Sustainability, Equity & Resilience

Dr Priscilla Claeys and Dr Martin Wilkes, Ethics Leads

Responsible Business, Economies & Society

Dr Evronia Azer, Centre for Business in Society Ethics Lead
Dr Abay Mulatu, Centre for Financial & Corporate Integrity Ethics Lead

Peace, Security & Social Justice

Dr Bahar Baser and Dr Esra Kaytaz, Ethics Leads
Dr Mateja Celstina and Dr Elly Harrowell, Deputy Ethics Leads

Global Learning

Dr Helen Breadmore, Ethics Lead
Dr Arinola Adefila, Deputy Ethics Lead

Creative Cultures

Dr Andree Woodcock, Centre for Arts, Memory & Communities Ethics Lead
Dr Sarah Merry, Centre for Post Digital Cultures Ethics Lead
Dr Karen Wood and Dr Rosamary Cisneros, Centre for Dance Ethics Leads

Health & Wellbeing


Professional Services

Joanne Marsh, Ethics Lead
Michelle Mayer, Ethics Administrator


CU Coventry

Dr Jawad Khan, Ethics Lead
Catherine Sear da Silva Luis, Ethics Administrator (Health and Social Care)
Tanya Vidanagama, Ethics Administrator (Policing and Law)
Dr Asima Iqbal, Ethics Administrator (Applied Biosciences)
Alison Dunne, Ethics Administrator (Management and Leadership, Marketing and PR and Tourism)



CU London

Jonathan Sandling, Ethics Lead
Dr Oby Osuchukwu, Ethics Lead and Administrator



CU Scarborough

Hannah Degge, Ethics Lead



CU London Campus

S Moin, Ethics Lead
Donna Crouch Ethics Administrator



University Research Ethics and Integrity

Prof Nigel Berkeley, Academic Lead for Research Ethics
Sophie Krumins, Research Ethics and Integrity Manager
Abi Gilbert, Research Ethics and Integrity Assistant
Jess Roberts, Research Ethics and Integrity Assistant
Liz Woodard, Research Ethics and Integrity Assistant
Samantha Trow, Research Ethics and Integrity Assistant