University Research Ethics Statement

Coventry University requires all research to be submitted for ethical review and clearance as a matter of priority. All staff and students are required to obtain ethical approval before undertaking any research. Approval may also be required for other, non-research, activities involving human participants. Staff are responsible for following the internal process and supervisors of students are responsible for ensuring that their students do the same.

The Group University Research Ethics Committee is responsible for ensuring that any research activity undertaken by staff or students meets the highest ethical standards and is in line with its policy on governance.

These principles and standards apply to all research irrespective of whether it is unfunded, internally funded or externally funded through Research Councils, other public monies, or any other sources.

Ethical approval is required before undertaking any:

  • Research, design studies, product development, artistic studies or experiments
  • Survey work, questionnaires, interviews, focus groups or case studies.

The university may require ethical approval for:

  • Controversial or non-controversial literary or artistic works.
  • Paid or un-paid internal or external consultancy work.

This is especially true if the activity requires or could involve:

  • Active or unintentional participation by human participants.
  • The use of tissue, cells, genetic material or body fluids from living or dead human participants (this is also covered under the Human Tissue Act 2007).
  • Actual or potential disclosure and storage of personal or confidential information (this is also covered by the Data Protection Act 1998).
  • An ethical, safety, moral or legal dilemma for the researcher and/or participants in allowing the activity to proceed.