Research Ethics and Online Process

Visit the Student Research Ethics Hub
Coventry University Group Research Ethics Statement
Coventry University Group Research Ethics Review and Approval Procedure
Coventry University Group Research Ethics Amendment Procedure

Introduction into CU Ethics
Ethics process flowchart (student applications)
Ethics process flowchart (staff applications)
Where is my ethics application? (summary of stages/status of ethics application)
Research Ethics Reviewers Checklist

CU Ethics Online System (students)
CU Ethics Online System (staff)
Submitting an Ethics Application
Applying for ethical approval

Participant Information, Consent and Recruitment

Please use the templates below for participant information. All templates have been approved by the University Group Research Ethics Committee and the Information Governance Unit from July 2021 onwards.

Participant Information Sheet Template
Participant Information Sheet Guidance
Informed Consent Form Template

Online Questionnaires:
Online Questionnaire Participant Information and Consent Template - Anonymous Data
Online Questionnaire Participant Information and Consent Template - Identifiable Data

Gatekeeper Letter Template
Debrief Template


Health & Safety

The University has a legal duty of care to ensure that the any risks to health and safety created by research projects are appropriately controlled. CU ETHICS applications submitted are reviewed and authorised online using a controlled process that is modelled on the current Coventry University Policy and includes a prompt for Health & Safety Risk Assessment considerations

Health and Safety Guidance/Roles & Responsibilities for Research Projects
Student Research Project Risk Assessment
Staff Research Project Risk Assessment
Risk Assessment for General Activities and Machinery 
Guidance for Machinery and Equipment
Hazardous Substances (COSHH) Information for Staff 
Biological Safety Guidance
Research Hazard Checklist 
Travel Risk Calculator
Travel High Risk Assessment Form
Guidance on Risk Assessment for High-Risk Travel
Travel Safety and Risk Assessment Information for Research Projects
Personal Safety Guidance
Lone Working in the community 
Laser Safety Guidance
Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Guidance
Radiation Safety Guidance


For information on safety and risk management contact 


GDPR & Data Protection

Data Protection and Research for Staff Projects
Data Protection and Research for Student Projects
Data Protection Guidance for Obtaining and Managing Consent
Data Protection Legislation Definitions


External Ethics

For applications that will be submitted to external ethics committees, if you have any queries please contact your ethics lead.

Health Research Authority (HRA) Approval
IRAS Support
IRAS e-learning module
Preparing and submitting applications for ethical review in IRAS
Her Majesty's Prison and Probation Service (HMPPS); formerly NOMS
Research Passport Information
Research Passport Process and Application

If you are applying to HRA approval and require advice, please contact 


Additional Guidance

DBS guidance

Sensitive Areas in Research

UUK Template